Courage is simply the willingness to be afraid and act anyway. Dr. Robert Anthony

I saw this quote and really liked it. It really characterizes how I feel about writing. Writing is a very anxiety producing act for me. I don’t know why or when it became this way. In college my papers would write themselves and they were also pretty well done if I do say so myself. I guess when I went to graduate school the feelings of inadequacy dampened my enthusiasm for writing. Now I have to regain my writing habit. I should probably write everyday to improve my writing and become more prolific. But the initial anxiety of writing keeps me from writing at all. But now I have found that conferences are a spur to my writing. Obviously, I have to produce something that won’t embarrass me.

I’m beginning a paper now for an upcoming conference. I just wrote an outline and now I’m going to begin to write the paper. I find that I just have to write through the fear and once I get a draft written, it gets much easier. So let me get started.

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