Productivity Helpers

I am actually getting work done. I think it’s due impart to a great application on my computer called SelfControl. It’s only for Macs and it is so great. You type into the app which websites you want to prohibit yourself from visiting and then set the timer. You will not be able to access these sites for the time set. And you can’t undo the app by turning on and off your computer, or uninstalling the app. Of course facebook is the first website on the list, but of course there are others like hulu and that are on there. I have a whole list of time wasting sites that I have on there. This app is truly a step in the right direction.

Another thing I have done is made action plans for all the tasks I need to complete. I got this from the time management workshop. I have all these big things I need to do and I broke them down into really manageable steps. I like to cross things off my list, so this should aid in that. School starts next week and one of the action plans are for my syllabus. I have a syllabus pretty much done, but I would like to read through it. I don’t know if that’s an unreasonable stressor I have placed on myself, but this is the first time I’m teaching my own class. So I want everything to be right. The first step on my action plan – print syllabus. I said small and achievable actions. That should be crossed off in no time!

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