Spring breakin’ it…

So I know I have not been blogging everyday but I don’t think that’s a habit I can keep up. It is finally spring break and I must say it feels good.

First, I have been completely thrown off by the change in time. I am totally getting old. I have been getting up late and going to sleep early…I feel like I have jet lag. It really doesn’t make any sense. So good that I have the break to get myself together.

I have actually been getting things done. I have an abstract done for a conference (which is not due until the 25th). I have started a conference paper that I will be giving at a conference in the beginning of April. My goal is to finish a draft of the paper and put together a power point by the end of the break. I have begun the paper and I have a writing date tomorrow at 9:30am!

I got some organizing done in my office today. For my class, I would like to do the reading for next week and organize my classes and then do the reading for the week after next and write the lecture. I would like to find some movies to show for the class. But we’ll see about that.

Overall, until now the break actually has been productive. Sometimes I will go through an entire break and not do ANYTHING. So, already the fact that something has gotten done is a triumph!

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