Monthly Archives: January 2012

On Wasting Time

How does this happen? I get up in the morning and I find myself sitting here at 2pm with nothing done. Looking at all the fashion blogs I travel – check. Watching some videos on youtube – check. Now that I’ve gotten those important moments out of the way, I should now be able to get down to the business of arranging my syllabus for the spring. But of course I’m hungry now and need to fix some lunch. So that syllabus will have to wait a moment – or two. Sigh. These breaks may be more torture then they are relaxing due to my lamenting that I should have gotten more done.


On Pushing Send

I pushed send today. I have a variety of academic facebook friends who update their status occasionally with the phrase “I pushed send.” I don’t really update my status on fb, but I thought I would make that statement here. So I pushed send on an article that has taken entirely too long to publish. When I wrote the article it was quite timely and of interest. However, now that (literally) two years have gone by the moment has passed. Yet, I continue to relentlessly submit it for review. Hopefully, this is the last time. I have taken a couple days over this winter break to revise it (for the I don’t know how many 4th time) for submission. My fingers are crossed.

I have updated my blog with a new background and some new blogrolls. Should I be disturbed that I have more fashion blogs then academic resources during my year of living academically? I think not.

New Year and New Dedication to This Blog

So the new year is upon us and I am going to try to write more academically and on this blog. I am an avid viewer of style blogs and their daily photo logs of their outfits and accessories. They have a sense of progression that I like and wish I could emulate on this blog. Maybe I will take a picture of my manuscripts as a edit them and attempt to submit them. Just a thought. Well, happy new year.