On Pushing Send

I pushed send today. I have a variety of academic facebook friends who update their status occasionally with the phrase “I pushed send.” I don’t really update my status on fb, but I thought I would make that statement here. So I pushed send on an article that has taken entirely too long to publish. When I wrote the article it was quite timely and of interest. However, now that (literally) two years have gone by the moment has passed. Yet, I continue to relentlessly submit it for review. Hopefully, this is the last time. I have taken a couple days over this winter break to revise it (for the I don’t know how many 4th time) for submission. My fingers are crossed.

I have updated my blog with a new background and some new blogrolls. Should I be disturbed that I have more fashion blogs then academic resources during my year of living academically? I think not.

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