Pushing Send…Again

I wanted to follow up on the post in January called “On Pushing Send.” It’s interesting coming back to this blog because it really is like a diary. I also keep a written journal but this blogging thing is a different animal. But to follow up, that last pushed send was indeed rewarded with an acceptance to a pretty good journal. The article had already been submitted to “regional journal of basket weaving” and received a revise and resubmit and then a rejection. So I submitted it to “journal particular topic in region studies” and got an acceptance. And now it won’t come out for a year (sigh). So that is a triumph (at least in my book).

I hit send again about a month ago. Emboldened by my two publications (one in an edited volume and the other just mentioned above), I thought I would go for a journal of general basket weaving, but not a flagship. Now I hit send after having presented my paper at several conferences and even receiving recognition in the form of a paper award honorable mention. About a month after hitting send, I got an email from the editor saying that it can’t go out for review because of some issues. S/he encouraged me to make the revisions and resubmit it. Ya’ll my paper was not ready for prime time. So it’s back to the drawing board. So today my head now hurts from thinking about how to piece together a section of this paper. I think I will stop thinking about it for now though. Tomorrow is another day.

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