I have thrown myself into revising this article that was rejected from general disciplinary journal. The editor told me my essay was too unfocused and had too much information. So I have an idea to hone the material down to one sharp point and I am going with that. But in sharpening my point I will have to rip the essay apart and put it back together again. That is not pleasant. But I am doing it the best way I know how – in 500 words a day. Actually, today I think I wrote 700. Basically, I am piecing together a new essay by cutting a pasting sections from the old essay into a new document, following a new outline. I need to stop reading other articles now for their structure because they are discouraging me. I will paste together about 8000 or so words on the page (or until I get to what can conceivable be the end) and then I will return to structure. Because right now content is killing me.

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