Monthly Archives: July 2012

Living Academically is driving me insane

I have been working on this article for the past 2 weeks. I am going insane. The editor of the journal returned it to me with some comments to focus it more and add some citations. So now I have been trying to do that and I am going crazy. Basically, I keep looking at other articles for examples of how to structure my article. I have been relentlessly searching for articles and reading the current edition of the goal journal for publication. Now I’m not so sure that this should be the goal journal, but if it’s not the goal journal then do I need to make all these revisions? Am I just giving up by going to another (less known, less important) journal. Sigh. I am torn. The year of living academically is tearing me apart.


Back in the Swing of Writing…

on a Friday afternoon. This week I was able to get my act together a little bit and get some writing and work done. I have gotten back into my old routine. I make a list of things to do for the day, label that list “Hopes and Dreams” and spend the rest of the day trying to check tasks off the list. I had to give a lecture today to a summer class at post-doc university on a general area of my research. I think it went well. I prepared a 25 minute presentation and then answered any questions they had in a conversational way. I think it went well. After the lecture I picked up my reimbursement check for moving. It could not have come a day too soon because I was down to $28 in my checking account and about $50 of credit on my credit card. I will be living on that check until I get paid in September. Yeah, so basically it took my life savings for me to move about 600 miles. Should I be embarrassed about that? Will I always be this poor?

After I do these lectures, and many times when teaching, I insist on reviewing and reanalyzing the conversation. Did I talk for too long? Did I answer the questions well? Was I helpful? Did I look like a fool? So in order to assuage such rituals I turned to writing this article to be resubmitted to general journal. Yesterday I wrote out a paragraph to be added to the article that contained my new, more focused argument and literature intervention. Today I typed said paragraph into my new draft of the document. I also tinkered around with some of the paragraphs and made notes on places to add more information. Not bad for a days work and a summer’s pay if I do say so myself.

Nothing to it but to do it

I jumped back into writing again today. I am revising this manuscript sent back to me from the editor of general disciplinary journal with the commentary that basically it’s not ready for prime time. Basically, it need to be more focused. I have now set my task to winnowing down the purview of the article to one analytic concept. A lot of the writing thus far has been cutting and pasting sections of the other article into the current word document. I realize that writing out the data or descriptions is not the hard part. It’s really the review of the literature. Carving out a space for myself to make my contribution is quite difficult. I cannot just carve out any space either. It has to be large enough to make a difference scholarly, but small enough to make that difference in an article. When I was doing research I was always afraid of not having enough data. But now I know that I have enough information, it’s making it relevant and intervening that’s the problem.