Back in the Swing of Writing…

on a Friday afternoon. This week I was able to get my act together a little bit and get some writing and work done. I have gotten back into my old routine. I make a list of things to do for the day, label that list “Hopes and Dreams” and spend the rest of the day trying to check tasks off the list. I had to give a lecture today to a summer class at post-doc university on a general area of my research. I think it went well. I prepared a 25 minute presentation and then answered any questions they had in a conversational way. I think it went well. After the lecture I picked up my reimbursement check for moving. It could not have come a day too soon because I was down to $28 in my checking account and about $50 of credit on my credit card. I will be living on that check until I get paid in September. Yeah, so basically it took my life savings for me to move about 600 miles. Should I be embarrassed about that? Will I always be this poor?

After I do these lectures, and many times when teaching, I insist on reviewing and reanalyzing the conversation. Did I talk for too long? Did I answer the questions well? Was I helpful? Did I look like a fool? So in order to assuage such rituals I turned to writing this article to be resubmitted to general journal. Yesterday I wrote out a paragraph to be added to the article that contained my new, more focused argument and literature intervention. Today I typed said paragraph into my new draft of the document. I also tinkered around with some of the paragraphs and made notes on places to add more information. Not bad for a days work and a summer’s pay if I do say so myself.

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