Leaving academic footsteps

Occasionally when I’m doing research I come across articles by scholars that I cannot locate. This happened recently as I was looking through an edited volume and saw an essay written about a topic that I am trying to tackle in my own essay. When I looked up the researcher online she was no where to be found, although I did manage to uncover a copy of her cv floating around. She was quite accomplished with grants, publications, a tt professor position. I couldn’t help but wonder what happened to her and the other people like this that I occasionally stumble upon. Her articles and essays are like relics and traces from a past academic life that she not longer belongs to. Sometimes when I think about leaving the academy I imagine a researcher like myself stumbling upon my own work and wondering who and where I was. But I suppose if this is to happen, and if this is the best I can hope for, I better get writing if I want to have footsteps left behind.

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