3 things

  • I have been reminded once again that my academic network is not robust. I just read that someone I know will be on the editorial board of a journal that a family member of theirs is the editor. Additionally, a new, edited issue of a journal came out with someone I know publishing an article somewhat similar to an article I have written. I could have been in that issue had I known the person editing it and been more sufficiently connected to that network.
  • I am going to complain about money again. I have a plan to get out of debt, but that will take extreme discipline and some deprivation (two things I don’t do well with when it comes to fiscal matters).
  • I would really like to take an international trip but I just cannot swing it and I probably won’t be able to until next year. Sigh!

Solution: Basically I need to get my fiscal house in order so that I can travel and pursue the kinds of extra-academic activities that excite me. That way, I can hopefully also stop fretting about the shortcomings in my academic life and focus more on developing my non-academic life.

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