Monthly Archives: March 2013

Re-evaluating Networks

In my usual mad dash to join a panel for the giant disciplinary conference in the fall I have been sending abstracts hither and yon in hopes of being chosen. Every year I tell myself that I will organize my own panel and every year the deadline creeps up on me and I make an excuse as to why I won’t organize one this year. Recently I sent an abstract to people forming a panel who I was in contact with from another conference. They rejected my abstract from a double panel. I didn’t even make the cut of the top 10 presenters. Jeez Louise. In a fit of nosiness I went to one of my professor friend’s facebook page and saw a cfp from another acquaintance posted there. I just emailed this acquaintance, who is kind of a big deal in the discipline, and asked her if there was room on the panel. I also mentioned that I had met her before and the professor friend who we had in common. Immediately, she added me to the panel (without even seeing my abstract) and now low and behold I have another panel for another conference. Sometimes I complain about not having strong networks, but I probably also need to re-evaluate the ties that I have and invest more fully in them, rather than wish for more contacts.