Research Dream

I’m here in Foreign Country for field research for the summer. I had a crazy dream a couple of nights ago. I dreamt that I returned to the US for a conference. While I was sitting at the conference it dawned on me that I may not be able to return to research country because I have a single entry visa. Once I enter and leave, I can’t return for a period of several months. So, in my dream, I began to get nervous and I thought about all the things I still had to do: the interviews I needed to schedule, the other cities to travel to, etc. I thought maybe I should have asked the customs agent when I was leaving if I would be able to come back soon, and had they said no I just would not have taken my flight. I just remember a long period of worrying and a small panic that I had wasted another field research trip with a mistaken exit from the country.

And then I woke in research country safe and sound. I better put my research agenda in turbo drive. lol. Talk about a wake up call.

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