Everyday Life: Research Country Edition

Research country is a Latin American country. I did my laundry today at a laundry mat that advertises itself as “American Style.” However, that’s all the ad says. They don’t actually explain what the American style is. From my observation, American style is when you do the laundry yourself at a laundromat. However, in research country it’s much more common to drop your laundry off, pay by weight, and have the attendant wash and fold your clothes. The next day you pick up your freshly washed and folded clothes. I don’t think many people know what the “American style” is. This was kind of confirmed when I was talking to the attendant and she told me I was the first person ever to come and do my own laundry. It seems to me that if only Americans (as people from the US are called here) know how to use the American style then this laundry place may have some more explaining to do.

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