I Love Writing

The truth is that I used to hate writing. I would constantly say that I hated writing. It caused a lot of anxiety for me and the actual act of writing felt painful. And then I realized that I needed to change my relationship to writing if I were to survive at all in this academic game. So I prohibited myself from saying, “I hate writing.” I would tell myself “I love writing.” It sounds crazy, but this actually helped. That, and writing 500 words a day. Once I started getting words on the page I began to enjoy (a little bit) the act of editing, revising, and rewriting. And then I actually liked submitting my “finished” gems to journals. Once I started accumulating “finished” pieces I actually enjoyed writing even more. Don’t even get me started on the joy of receiving an article acceptance or seeing my edited volume chapter in print. After that I am now hooked. And now I can (kind of) honestly say I love writing.

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