Monthly Archives: October 2013

Barely Hanging On…

The semester is off and moving and I’m afraid that it’s running away without me. While I have the pleasant surprise of several jobs to apply for in my areas, that means I have a lot of applications to create and submit. I am teaching one seminar and another smaller course (on which I will write about later). I also mistakenly made the goal of writing my book proposal, which may have to be put aside.

AND I have an article I am determined to submit. I have made the goal (probably mistakenly) of having two articles under review at the same time. My reasoning is this: if I can get two articles under review then the results from the first article may not sting so much because I will know that I still have hope with the second article. So this second article has become my goal and come hell or high water I will submit it! If everything else I have to do doesn’t kill me first.