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On Not Wasting the Summer

I am terrified of wasting the summer. I’m going to try to use this blog to hold me accountable. My main goal for the summer is to finish my book manuscript. A personal goal is to declutter the house. I would consider the summer a waste if I don’t have a draft of a manuscript by its end. I would also like to draft some articles, but the main goal is the book.

I have gone to great lengths to ensure that I do not waste the summer. I have joined an inexpensive bootcamp where we report our progress everyday to a group. I am going to a write on site once a week. Also, I am going to a writing retreat organized by the university at the end of next week. I’m trying to line up writing partners for other days of the week as well. It’s like – why can’t I just sit down and write? Why do I need all this? Really the answer is that I can’t manage the empty time. It’s too much. Sometimes I feel like I get more done during the school year because my time is structured by classes, meetings, etc.

What works best for me is a write on site. I went to one for two hours yesterday and it really was amazing. I opened my computer, turned it on, and just wrote. I didn’t get on Facebook or read blogs or the New York Times. Having other people there working really shames me into working too. I always think – I can’t be on Facebook and waste time with all these serious people here working diligently. I really can’t be that person. So whether impression management moves me or the need to perform diligence – I’ll take it. I got a lot done in only two hours.

Today I made a list of things that need to be fixed in the chapter that I’m working on. Maybe this weekend I’ll fix them. I would like to have two sample chapters done by the end of May (which is two days away). The proposal is drafted and I’m meeting with someone about it next week. This summer social accountability is the name of the game for me!


Don’t get too comfortable

Yesterday I posted triumphantly about my article that’s finally been published. Of course along with the joy of victory comes the agony of defeat. Another article that I wrote in the fall semester has been having a rough go of it. I sent the article to journal of country I study. After waiting 4 months of no response I contacted the editor responsible for my paper. He had not even looked at my submission (so for 4 months it just sat there). I had asked a friend about this editor, as my friend got hir PhD from the dept. this editor was in. My friend told me that this person was indeed scatterbrained. Sigh. So when the editor got back to me zie said that zie really liked my article, zie had drawn up a list of reviewers and would send it out. However, the journal also had a huge backlog and if the article was accepted would not come out for at least 2 years. In light of the four months I waited and the backlog and the scattered editor I opted to pull the paper and submit it elsewhere.

So I submit it to general, but not flagship disciplinary journal. The editor just got back to me yesterday (after about a month and a half) and told me that it could not go out for review. Their comments annoyed the hell out of me b/c it was evident that they had not read the article. Additionally, this editor does not work in my area or anywhere near it. I’m annoyed that they felt so comfortable in their power of judgement to deny me even a review. It’s as if they don’t even need the expert opinion of other scholars who have made their life’s work developing and contributing to the theoretical and area arguments I was making. It’s not really the critique that annoys, but rather even the lack of useful or productive critique that the editor offered along with the easy dismissal of my paper. Sigh. So now it’s back to the drawing board (kind of). I need to format the paper and submit it elsewhere. I think I’ve found a place.

This experience has only taught me about power. I have learned nothing that would improve my scholarship, make my arguments stronger, or expose gaps in my knowledge. I have learned that editors have a lot of power – power to ignore, power to dismiss, power to offer limited feedback that’s really exposes them to be ignorant and not me. And my opinion of them as editors really doesn’t matter because they will continue to have power to which I will continually have to submit.

In other news…

My article has finally come out in subject specific area studies journal and I am ecstatic. Except it’s in the “first look” section as the real issue has not yet come out. Still my article has had 57 views so far, the most of any of the articles in my section and even more than in the current issue. Of course those looks could be from friends and family, but a postdoc can dream that maybe one or two of those looks are from people zie doesn’t know. The only problem is that I keep checking the page each day to see when the full issue will come out. It’s really become an addiction that I can’t stop. I also have a book review coming out in an online journal and I keep checking that too. I can’t wait to reach the moment when I won’t really care what’s coming out when because this daily checking is becoming exhausting.

Taking the Good with the Bad

In my last post the act of receiving my page proofs for an edited volume had me soaring to the highest of mountain tops. But, as is common in my academic life, another recent communication about another publication has sent me crashing down. I wrote an article about a timely topic and it was FINALLY accepted by a small journal where they initially told me that my essay would be published in the March 2013 issue. Now it has been pushed to July. Sigh! It was accepted in January 2012 and I have been waiting to see my name in lights since then. I guess I will have to wait a little longer.

This Fine Day

Today, I received the page proofs for my very first publication. It is in an edited volume and it should be coming out at the beginning of next year. Needless to say, I am absolutely ecstatic. Before the page proofs I only saw my essay in word document form, but now looking at the page proofs it seems so real! When the actual book come out I am going to jump up and down and scream. For now, faced with the deadline of returning them in two days, I proof read.

Pushing Send…Again

I wanted to follow up on the post in January called “On Pushing Send.” It’s interesting coming back to this blog because it really is like a diary. I also keep a written journal but this blogging thing is a different animal. But to follow up, that last pushed send was indeed rewarded with an acceptance to a pretty good journal. The article had already been submitted to “regional journal of basket weaving” and received a revise and resubmit and then a rejection. So I submitted it to “journal particular topic in region studies” and got an acceptance. And now it won’t come out for a year (sigh). So that is a triumph (at least in my book).

I hit send again about a month ago. Emboldened by my two publications (one in an edited volume and the other just mentioned above), I thought I would go for a journal of general basket weaving, but not a flagship. Now I hit send after having presented my paper at several conferences and even receiving recognition in the form of a paper award honorable mention. About a month after hitting send, I got an email from the editor saying that it can’t go out for review because of some issues. S/he encouraged me to make the revisions and resubmit it. Ya’ll my paper was not ready for prime time. So it’s back to the drawing board. So today my head now hurts from thinking about how to piece together a section of this paper. I think I will stop thinking about it for now though. Tomorrow is another day.

On Pushing Send

I pushed send today. I have a variety of academic facebook friends who update their status occasionally with the phrase “I pushed send.” I don’t really update my status on fb, but I thought I would make that statement here. So I pushed send on an article that has taken entirely too long to publish. When I wrote the article it was quite timely and of interest. However, now that (literally) two years have gone by the moment has passed. Yet, I continue to relentlessly submit it for review. Hopefully, this is the last time. I have taken a couple days over this winter break to revise it (for the I don’t know how many 4th time) for submission. My fingers are crossed.

I have updated my blog with a new background and some new blogrolls. Should I be disturbed that I have more fashion blogs then academic resources during my year of living academically? I think not.