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My Class has a momentum of it’s own

I’m teaching a half semester course and I have found it quite challenging. It seems like I have very little time to go into anything with any depth. Perhaps I should have constructed the class differently. I feel like I am not doing well with this course though. I do have a narrative that brings the class together, but I don’t think that narrative is obvious to the students. I have been trying to make those connections, but I feel like they’re not coming across. I also don’t have enough accountability mechanisms in the class and students are too nonchalant. To be fair, their nonchalance may stem from the fact that the course is 2 credits and half a semester. It also may stem from the fact that many of them are upperclassmen. The end of the class will come soon enough and I will be delivered from this feeling of failing. I think I will chalk this semester up to a learning experience and just try to do better next time.