A(nother) Blog is Born!

I am at the start of what will hopefully be my last year as a PhD student at Ivy League University. I have a fellowship for this year and it should provide the time, space and support necessary for me to complete my dissertation. I am incredibly nervous about the future. People constantly talk about the difficulty of the job market and the perils of academic life. Yet, I enter into this world slightly optimistic and scared out of my mind. I think I’ve been a pretty good worked throughout my program, but this year I am going to throw myself into my work like I have never before. I am going to work in the midst of the fear and through the fear.

Current books like, A Year of Living Biblically and the book about going a year without buying products from China inspired me call this blog “A Year of Living Academically.” Like these people, and so many others, I want to see what it would be like to truly devote myself to a way of living and hopefully this will become a habit. It’s not exactly the beginning of the semester, but it’s close enough. I have some conference presentations coming up, some other paper presentations and a dissertation to work on. So my time should be thoroughly occupied. And my blog should be full of my triumphs and tribulations.

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